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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Running Rascals

I love taking photos of my guys while they run riot round the park. The results never fail to make me smile, especially the goofy ones...

Is it Lord Wallace jumping?

Or is it Superpup?


  1. I need to get some photos of my pups running. Photos like they warm my heart.

  2. Awe....so precious and so cute! :o) Those pics can't help but make a person smile!

  3. Look at their faces! Priceless. <3

  4. The in motion shots are great! What adorable doggies, I so want one.

    Yes that was a praying mantis, he was creepy but the way he turned his head and looked right at me made him seem so intelligent. It was cool!

  5. Excellent photos, thank you for them.

  6. I love seeing this happy superpup!


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