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Friday, 23 September 2011

Feeling The Love

Isn't it just wonderful when you're in a place full of animals or animal lovers and as cheesy as it sounds you can just feel all the love and goodness in the room? Warms my cockles. I get that whenever we go to our local vegetarian restaurant (we only have one). It's mainly vegan but with a few dairy bits, dammit, so close but yet so far! But it just feels so lovely and I physically cannot be sad in a place where I'm surrounded by people who genuinely care.

I've been a bit blue the past few days, hence my lack of posting, work's been really stressful, I run my own business and sometimes things just get on top of me. Thankfully, today I ended up at one of those very places, that is full to the brim with compassion and overflowing with love - which came just in the nick of time to save me from resorting to my back up plan of giving it all up and drowning my sorrows with a life of partying, booze and gambling.

So today, we had a meeting at our accountants home, which just so happened to be a farm! And not one of those evil murderous farms, a wholesome, happy, loving, friendly farm that's sole purpose is to care for rescued beauties. So after a few hours hugging and playing with the sheep, horses, ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs I can safely say there was enough love and goodness on those fields to restore me to my perkier self. It was such a beautiful place I just couldn't have stayed grumpy if I'd tried. 


  1. Being in a wonderful place like that has got to be refreshing! I think it's been a bad week all around for many, for one reason or another. I've been feeling much the same way.

  2. Glad you're your perky self again! We all need those refreshers and reminders that there is still good in the world.

  3. Agree with Molly, last week was rough.

    The pup pics are so awesome!


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