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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cecil Goes Swimming

My smallest furry friend, Cecil, has some problems with his teeny little knees and hips. His poor little bones don't fit together properly. In large part, due to over breeding, yet another reason to boycott dog breeders - as if we needed another one.

Anyway, its not a bother for him now that he's just a spring chicken (apart from that when he runs he is the subject of much mockery because of how his little twiglet legs shuffle along in the silliest, cutest way you've ever seen) but as he gets older it could cause him lots of painful trouble.

So when the vet offered a surgery free option to building his muscle strength (which would in turn reduce stress on his joints) I was delighted. Even more so when she told me it included going to our local canine swimming centre. Wait - what? A swimming club for dogs?? You're giving me a license to soggy my doggy and have him engage in people games and all in the name of his good health?! As a person who can frequently be seen confiscating my pups' doggy dignities by doing shameful things like putting bows in their hair this was right up my street!

Plus, we got to see him wearing a teeny tiny little life vest! Adorable...

The triple whammy of joy was completed when he dried off to reveal the fluffiest dog I've ever seen.

Mostly I was happy that he wasn't too nervous of his adventure...he's not the most confident little guy so I was overjoyed when he put on his brave pants and shot straight to the top of the swimming class. Proud :-) 


  1. Aw, this is so awesome! He's adorable in his little vest, and so fluffy afterwards! <3

    Bruno had hip dysplasia & arthritis, so we took him swimming in Lake Michigan quite a bit. He just loved it.

  2. Oh really...did it help him in the end then? I love seeing dogs swimming in the big pond at the park, so cute! I wish we could put Cecil in but he needs someone with him to give him cuddles along the way...I doubt people would understand me hopping in with the ducks very much!


  3. I'm thinking you could just let Cecil swim in your bath tub. Chlorine free.

    Better yet, I'll pay to fly him over here and he can swim in our tub.

  4. It looks like he's taking to it well! What a trooper. I hope it helps his joint issues.

  5. I should check into that for Kobe, my black lab. She's already endured one knee surgery. I'm afraid her other knee is getting weaker. (She just got bad genes ... poor thing isn't even 4 yet.) Love Cecil! What a cutie!



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