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Monday, 5 September 2011

Beagle Breeding and Thieving Poochies

I've been such an ignoramus. Until last week, I literally had no idea that dogs were bred in the UK for testing. Have I been living under a rock?! I was sick to my stomach and a sobbing wreck when I read about it all on the BUAV website.

Now, I value no life above another, so it might seem surprising that I'm more shocked at this than I am at say, the fact that people breed mice for tests. The reason this makes me more sad and despairing at the world, is because if England, supposedly a nation of dog lovers, can allow this to happen, then what chance do the rest of the animals have? We're even further behind in this war on animal cruelty than I ever thought.

I'm going to this anti-vivisection march at the end of the month in London. Can't wait.

In other news, my naughtiest pair of fuzzy ones, AKA Lord Wallace and his devilish accomplice, Cecil, were up to their usual cheekiness last night.
I was starving in the evening and the only vegan food we had in was a fruit salad (mango, pineapple, melon and kiwi fruit - yum!) I left it on the dining table for 1 minute, literally 1 minute. Popped upstairs, came back down to see the guiltiest looking Lord Wall I've ever seen trying his best to act nonchalant, and as if he'd played no part in the robbery, while Cecil didn't bat an eyelid and continued feasting on my last piece of pineapple right in front of me! They'd scoffed the lot the little swines!!

I went to bed hungry thinking that perhaps I need to regain some control of my pesky pals and rule the roost once more.

''No chance lady. I'm the boss around these parts''


  1. Oh so naughty! Cute & funny, but such sassiness! lol

    Regarding the testing, I completely know how you feel. I get so sick to my stomach about those types of things. It makes things seem so hopeless, but then again, more people are becoming aware and speaking out against it. Hopefully someday humanity will turn around and reach it's full potential.

  2. Wow, I'd be a crying mess, too, about breeding dogs for testing. I guess I've never thought about it. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    Crack me up about Lord Wallace and Cecil stealing your fruit. Love the picture!

  3. It's so sad isn't it ladies. Well thank goodness they are people who aren't will to let it continue :-)

    Wall & Cec are SO naughty haha!


  4. Good for you for planning on going to a march!


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