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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Be A Shining Example

After the rant post I made the other day about my annoyance at meat eaters, there were some really helpful comments that led me to do lots of thinking. I knew I wanted to do more to help animals, but being frustrated and not thinking productively was getting in the way.  I thought the only way to help, was to tell everyone what I know. My intentions were good, but that's hardly going to work!

After you lovely bloggers telling me that you spread the word by being a shining example and winning others over with good food, it's really changed my attitude.

I need to be a positive example. I don't want to be an angry vegan that everyone ignores! Completely useless.

As a start, I'm volunteering at an animal shelter tomorrow, they said I'll be walking the dogs. Er..Hello! Why haven't I done this already? Walkies = love them! Dogs = love them even more! Walkies with dogs =  heaven!

I need to positively encourage people to consider animals more. If I can do this in a non threatening way, then the door is open for them to see more clearly. Bit by bit they might come to realise.

I remember when I ate meat, and I had begun to think about where it came from, I would ignore my conscience, because it made me feel guilty if I didn't. I didn't want to feel guilty. Guilty does not feel nice. I thought the only option was to bury my head in the sand. Making people feel guilty, makes them hide from the truth.

I think a certain amount of guilt is necessary, because otherwise we'd think it wasn't our responsibility to care, and continue to do nothing. But that feeling has to come from them, not me, and when they do begin to realise things on their own, and want to hide from the truth, if I can be there to show them that there is a friendlier, healthier, tastier option which can alleviate their sad souls, they'll be all the more open I'm sure!

I imagine that it might go a little something like this...

Simple eh??


  1. First off, such cute pictures with word bubbles! He is such a little prince, I love that smile.
    And second, yay for volunteering! That is so fantastic. I really need to find someplace close to volunteer with here. You are already being a shining example. I may have suggested it, but I have yet to do it. Your enthusiastic drive to help has inspired me.
    I remember when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed at the beginning of being vegan someone told me not to take all the pain of the world into my heart and be careful of "compassion fatigue." It really helped me.

  2. Oh my dog, those pictures!! <3 <3 <3 What perfect accompaniments to this post. :)

    That's so awesome that you're volunteering. After I finished college, there were a few months when I wasn't working & looking for a job. During that time I volunteered at the local shelter and just loved it. I'd like to do it again someday.

    I've been meaning to do a post about how I use my blog to connect with non-vegans with common passions. Mostly dogs, of course, because after all, a lot of dog lovers are animal lovers, too.

  3. Great job with the volunteering. I volunteer at a food pantry and it's great to talk to people about healthy vegetables! I'm sure you'll find your work as fun.
    Those dog bubbles are too freaking cute.

  4. Love those pictures, especially the last one. What a smile!

    One thing that I've been using Facebook for is to post about adopting shelter dogs. All of my dogs, including Skits, were adoptions. I didn't adopt Skits from a shelter, but from a friend who was going to take her to a shelter, so I rescued her pre-shelter. My other two are from the Animal Humane Society. I should actually blog about adoption, too. My ultimate goal is to be a foster home for dogs while they wait for a forever home.

  5. You have an excellent talent with picture stories...you might consider vegan oriented picture books for human animals (adult and child). Delightful!

  6. I really should do something like this, I get so attached to the animals so easily though!

  7. Chelsea, I've just looked up compassion fatigue...so glad you mentioned it I've really got to be careful with that.

    Molly, I'm SO using 'oh my dog' haha I love that! And you should definitely post about that stuff, it's so interesting (and useful) to see what ways other vegans communicate their message.

    Thanks Foodfeud!

    Lori, I would LOVE to do something like that, I hope you do!

    Thanks Veganelder...now there's an idea!

    Peach Nia - DO IT! :-)



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