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Thursday, 1 December 2011

My New Animal Friends

We went to Brinsley Animal Rescue Christmas open day on Sunday. It's a wonderful sanctuary run on vegan values (yay!) and twice a year they open their doors to the public in order to raise some dosh for the animals. They're usually all out roaming free but for the few hours twice a year they chill out indoors so people can meet and greet them. These were the highlights of my day...

Boris the blind bull. He was too difficult for the farmer to look after (yuck) so the folk at Brinsley adopted him and gave him a loving home for life. Never has the term 'Gentle Giant' been more apt. Such an amazingly enormous and powerful fella, yet he chooses to do nothing but love with all his might. What a gent.


 This naughty little pair of squawkers took a real disliking to Dan haha, they tried their best to chase him off their field...what the camera missed was them actually catching up with him and biting his ankle! Haha!

Look how furious he is the little stinker!

 These little baby beauties don't have names yet, they've just arrived at the sanctuary. I dread to think what happened to their friends for whom there wasn't enough space at Brinsley.

You think dogs are playful and full of character? You ain't seen nothing until you've played tug of war with a piglet! Such little scamps, so funny and mischievous! 

And the chubbiest, laziest resident of all, Rocky. This chap was all about the belly scratches - just lay there grunting away demanding a fuss from every passer by! I fell head over heels in love with him and was more than disgusted to hear people talking about bacon and sausages in front of him. I had to try to not think about it too much or I literally would have had a nervous break down - what is wrong with people!?!

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