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Friday, 16 September 2011

Being Vegan is Easy!

When going from veggie to vegan, I was most nervous about discovering animal products needlessly lurking in everything. And while it's true there are lots, there are squillions more vegan friendly stuffs than I ever imagined! Today I got replies back from two companies I've emailed asking whether some of my fave foods were vegan, and turns out they all are!

I had no idea how close to eating a vegan diet I already was, I assumed it would completely change the way I ate, which is probably what took me so long to get there, but it literally took a few tiny adjustments like swapping butter for sunflower spread, swapping milk for soya, swapping Quorn sausages for Linda McCartney ones and hey presto - no more animal cruelty. And I don't feel like I'm missing out at all.

I'd already gotten rid of all my leather things a while back. To me that didn't feel like a 'vegan' thing to do...vegetarians don't eat dead animals, so why would I want to parade around with them on my feet? 

One of my friends is on the verge on becoming vegetarian (more on that another time) so I'm taking her a hamper of vegan friendly goodies so she can see for herself that it certainly doesn't mean deprivation. I really think if I would have known just how many food products were vegan, I would have done this a long time ago!


  1. I agree, it is easy! I don't know why it took me so long. It baffles me now, but I'm so glad I finally stuck to it.

    The pictures you're using are so adorable! <3

  2. What a great blog! I finally came across the comment you left on one of my posts a few weeks ago, so I just wanted to come by and say, "hey." Hmm, I wonder what photo of your pups you would use to say that? Welcome to the vegan world, and to the blogging world! If you need any help navigating around (especially the food) any one of us would be glad to help you! :-)

  3. Yeah, it is. I always thought that giving up cheese would be the hardest for me since I was a harvarti and chevre addict. But I feel so much better since stopping.
    Good for you for getting rid of your leather items. I do not yet have that luxury. I feel like a hypocrite to still be wearing leather and wool, but I do not have the money to replace the items. I have donated the non necessary items, but I cannot yet get rid of my wool winter coat. If only some stylish vegan coat company would send me a freebie...

  4. I'm sorry I have been missing all your updates because I forgot to add you to my blogroll! You are now added so I won't miss updates :)

  5. Wish we could get Linda McCartney Sausages in the states. Did know they existed.

  6. Thanks Molly :-)

    Hi Blessedmama! Nice to meet you! And thank you so much! :-)

    Chelsea you should arrange a clothes swap! Bits things ever!

    Yay Carissa!

    Shenandoah...they are the BEST things in the universe. When someone first gave me them I swore they had meat in, great for when I was craving stuff




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