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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Favourite Animal Friends and My Hopes for The Future

Considering I was terrified of animals for the majority of my life, it's really astonishing how utterly in love I am with every single creature now. I mean that, every single one. Totally besotted. Even the ones I'm still scared of, like spiders or earwigs, I still love them. It took me many years to realise that they all have their own little personalities, it was when this really sunk in that I begun to appreciate each and every single being and became vegan. I mean, I sort of knew before, but it took lots of meetings with lots of animals before I really got it.

Here are some of the ones who left a lasting impression on me that I'll never forget...

An absolutely breathtaking moment with a family of elephants with their brand new born calf at a sanctuary in Sri Lanka. About a year before I became vegetarian, no doubt in part due to these magnificent animals.

 I really fell for this little guy! The silliest little person I've ever met - his name was Finicky and he was a teeny tiny goat, so full of beans; he kept jumping on my lap and eating my hair. The tragic part, which brings me to tears even now, and what I didn't realise at the time, was that this place that I used to visit to play with the animals, was actually a working farm. I can't believe I was so naive. It literally breaks my heart to think about how this little angel has probably suffered a brutal death by now.

Another of my Sri Lankan friends and certainly my favourite. Little baby Lucky. I would play with him and snuggle him and he'd have a little snooze on me and a cuddle and I'd feed him bananas. By the end of the trip when I'd met him a few times, he didn't want to leave me and clung on to my belt and wouldn't let go. I was distraught! It wasn't until recently I realised that this poor baby had probably been taken from the wild and was being pimped out to tourists for money. Horrendous. I really just had no idea. I worry about how he is doing now and just pray that he's treated kindly.

The moment I met this cuddly little cloud on legs was when I discovered how wonderful sheep are. He was so sweet and I when I looked at his angelic little face I could just see how innocent and pure and good his heart was. Now when anyone dares to say that ''sheep are just stupid'' they feel the full wrath of a devoted sheep lady - and it ain't pretty let me tell you! Sadly, this little darling was from the same farm as Finicky. 

These horrific realisations helped me make the connection between animals and meat, and their incredible and individual personalities strengthened it. It's so important that these connections are made, without them, even the nicest people can wander through life naively playing a massive part in animal exploitation. My goal is to open a rescued farm animal sanctuary, which I'll use to educate people of the horrors that these delightful beings are continuously suffering. I'm putting all of my efforts into making my current business a success which I'm going to use as a not for profit organisation to fund the sanctuary. It might take me a while, but I'll definitely do it. Better get a move on then...more work, less talk! *Heads back to the grindstone*


  1. That little Monkey is a heartbreaker. Very moving post. I hope you achieve your goal.

  2. Love the pictures especially the baby monkey. I always wanted a monkey until I beacme a vegan and found out how it all came about.
    Great post!!!!

  3. What a great post and great pictures! That monkey would break my heart as well! I am glad you changed your views completely around for the love of animals :)

  4. That would be wonderful if you opened a sanctuary!

    This was a terrific post. What gorgeous, adorable inspirations you had. <3


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