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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

You sneezed?? That'll Be Because You're Vegan!

My boyfriend broke his toe playing football a few weeks ago. The other day his mum asked him how it was getting on. Still no better, she told him it's because he's vegan. Clearly not getting enough calcium, and prescribed him a feast of cheese and milk.

Forgetting the fact that Dan drinks an obscene amount of fortified soya milk due to his banana milkshake addiction, rendering her point about him not getting enough nonsensical, everyone knows that bones take at least 6 weeks to heal. What she's saying loosely translates as ''because he hasn't developed super sonic healing powers with which he can mend a snapped bone in a fortnight, surely being a vegan is killing him'' or something like that. 

I'm astonished at how quickly meat eaters jump to conclusions about our health based on no evidence whatsoever, and will deny the scientifically proven facts supporting a vegan diet that I provide them with.

Most infuriating are those who love to tell me how dangerous my diet is while they eat take away pizza every night. What, seriously? You're honestly concerned about my nutrition? I have to wonder, do they really believe what they're saying, or are they just trying to be a pain in the ass?

They're too snuggly? 
Oh, that's because they're vegan.

Too Lazy?
That'll be because he's vegan

Too stylish? 
Because he's vegan.

Looks too much like Oliver Twist in that hat...


  1. Aw, I love the pictures (as always!)! :)

    This is so true, though. The worst I've heard is after someone tripped that their mother blamed their veganism. Because, you know, tripping over something is only caused by that.

  2. Oh trust me, I get that ALL the time from both sides of my family. Especially now that I am pregnant :)

  3. I just laughed aloud, very loudly. Too cute, and very witty! :)

    I've had friends and family who I thought "understood" why I am vegan, and supported it - only to find that if anything goes wrong, it must be due to "lack of animal protein".

  4. Molly: NO WAY! Ok THAT is ridiculous! Hahaha I wonder if they realise how
    stupid they sound?? And thank you, I'm so glad to have such willing posers :-)

    Carissa: Oh I bet you do, that's why it makes me so glad to read about your vegan pregancy, I know it can't be easy listening to negativity like that all the time!

    Ingrid: oh shucks! Me and the boys are blushing :-) and I KNOW sometimes they can be such sneaky anti-vegans, tricking us into believing they understand when they were just waiting for their moment to attack all along!


  5. I love the cute spin you put on this issue but I totally agree. I would always get this when I was vegetarian. Turns out my iron deficiency had nothing to do with being vegetarian and was not helped when I started eating meat again. It was eventually helped by eating broccoli and rice cereal. But people still say, "Oh remember when you were vegetarian and got an iron deficiency and then got pregnant and that was so dangerous for the baby blah blah blah." I hate it! Oh well, gotta just ignore the ignorant people!

    Oh and thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it. Yes, I need to remember my name and stop stressing so much lately!!


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