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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Measuring and weighing and following recipes hasn't seemed to work for me so far, I must be missing the chef gene. My best dishes seem to be the ones where I just wing it. Measurements get me all hot and bothered. 

To make my chilli, I do a fair bit of guesstimating and just fling it all in (after frying the veggies) let it bubble for a good hour or so, and hope for the best. Works for me!

1 tin of baked beans in tomato sauce
2 tins of chopped tomatoes
Some sliced green pepper
Some sliced red pepper
Some cloves of garlic
Bit of chilli powder
Some fresh chillies; amount depending on how spicy I'm feeling at the time
Loads of onions
Some mushrooms
Some TVP
And whatever herbs, spices and nices that happen to tickle my fancy that I find in the cupboard
Sometimes I'll put a tin of kidney beans in too

I love it with basmati rice and a fresh baguette and Vitalite (sunflower spread). Dan eats it with tortilla wraps and all the trimmings (jalapenos, vegan mayo, lettuce, salsa etc.). 

Rather tasty I must say!


  1. Mmm looks great! I sadly, cannot do anything that requires being simmered, the oven at uni constantly boils!!

  2. That is really the way to make chili, I think. I've made chili so many times, but they rarely ever see the light of day on my blog because I don't write anything down, what with all the flinging and stuff.

  3. I tend to just fling stuff in rather than follow a recipe exactly. It drives Mike nuts!

    Your dish sounds yummy!

  4. Have you been to the states? I've never seen Chili made with a base of Baked Beans. Pretty pic. (Methinks you mean 'cloves' not 'gloves' of garlic, but 'gloves' is good too.)

  5. Cooking really is all about guessing. I rarely measure unless it is baking, then you kind of have to.

  6. Oh that's good, so everyone just flings stuff in a pan then? Yay, I feel more cheffy now!

    Shenandoah - woops, haha, 3 gloves full of garlic would be a bit much wouldn't it, even for a garlic monster like me! Changed it now



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