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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Volunteering At The Dog Shelter

This afternoon we spent a few hours at the local dog shelter...

 Lord Wallace and Cecil donated lots of their toys, leads, collars and blankets to the homeless poochies who are sure to appreciate them a lot more than they do. 

There are over 40 dogs in at the moment, and it's very difficult to watch them all in their cages, desperately in need of their own home, trying to hypnotize me with their big gorgeous eyes, and bewitch me into taking them with me. 

I need to think carefully first though, and make sure that if we do adopt one, that they're the right fit for our family. Especially because Cecil is so fragile and nervous, and during the day our Frank and Delores (the bunnies) have free rein of the garden (it's so cute seeing the dogs and the bunnies together!).

The dogs there are well looked after though, and fortunately this shelter has all the staff it needs to clean out the kennels etc. So all that's left for us to do is to make a fuss over the little tykes, take them for walkies, and make sure they know they're loved. If my furry friends are anything to go by, then there can literally never be enough fussin' and belly scratchin'!

 This is Summer. A very energetic young pup. They told us she is friendly but pulls quite a lot on the lead when you take her for a walk...

 So Dan decided to let her have her way, and she took him for a run instead :-)

We took her for the longest walk as she was in most need of being tired out!

 This little scruff bear was only found yesterday so didn't have a name yet. We named him Ernie. He looks like an Ernie don't you think?! He's quite timid but loved getting a fuss and had a lovely time on his walk. He really captured Dan's heart and was his favourite pooch of the day.

Prince is not in very good shape at all. The poor little angel has mange :-( I dread to think what his life was like before he arrived at the shelter. He has the sweetest of sweet hearts, such a lovely nature, but he doesn't have much confidence at all. 

He's so itchy and scratches himself constantly - so much that the fur on his tummy and legs has gone and has been replaced by painful sores. Thankfully he's getting all the help he needs and there are a few people who are dying to give him the loving home he deserves as soon as he's better.

 This little lunatic was so bouncy and jumpy! I LOVED her. She's called Star, and indeed she lives up to her name. Such a little diva, she was so excited on her walk that she kept charging at us and jumping up with joy! Best feeling ever :-)

 Little Tye is the most laid back, easy going little dude ever. He loved getting kissed and cuddled and was so content to just be near us.

As you can understand, it's extremely time consuming to take each pooch for a walk, which means many of them don't get one, and as I'm sure most of you will know, it's essential to their happiness that they do. So next time you have some spare time and you're in need of some fluffy snuggles to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, go and give your local shelter guys a fuss and a walk. You won't believe how much they'll thank you!


  1. Aw, that's so awesome that you do this! It's heartbreaking that they don't have homes, and poor little Prince. :( I hope his mange clears up soon so that he can go to his forever home.

  2. That's great you volunteered your time :) Every time I do that it totally breaks my heart and it's SOOOO hard to not take someone home. Which is why my husband hates when I volunteer. Last time I helped with the "dangerous" dogs, fear biters, etc. and pregnant mamas. It's good to help though, because they ALWAYS need extra hands.

  3. Thanks so much to you and Dan for giving your time. We've forced these beings (dogs) to be dependent (by manipulating their breeding for thousands of generations) on us and then we shirk our responsibilities. You and Dan are providing what some other human created the need for and then failed to take care of. You both are deserving of honor and credit.

    I'm with Dan, Ernie looks like a cool dog...and so do they all. Thanks for the pics and the writing...and thanks on behalf of the dog beings.

  4. Molly: I know, poor Prince, he really is such a little babe. Apparently it's gotten worse the past week but hopefully he'll be better soon.

    Carissa: I was a bit nervous of the bigger more scary looking dogs actually, was quite annoyed at myself for listening to their bad press, but I'm determined to get over it. Glad you helped with the 'dangerous' dogs :-)

    Veganelder: Thank you so much, you're always too kind :-) That's exactly how I felt too though, why should these poor beings be left in such a sorry state when we (humans) are the ones that put them there. I feel part responsible, especially considering I've bought dogs from breeders before, so really want to make sure I've contributed to doggy kind more than I've taken from them.


  5. Hard to believe such adorable pups can't find a home. The DC area has a problem with people breeding and abusing pitbulls. The shelter recently waved their adoption fees, there are so many. Littler dogs like those you pictured would soon find homes at local shelters here. Thank you for volunteering your time.

  6. Good grief, that was an excellent and heartbreaking blog all at the same time. Shelter dogs are so deserving and loving. They seem to have the biggest hearts and in spite of all the hardships they've been through, just want to be loved and be able to love again.

    My Jordan is a rottie/shepherd mix. Like many people, I thought rotties were scary and mean. Jordan has the absolute biggest heart and is one of the friendliest and happiest dogs I've known in my life. LOVE her.

    Anyone who adopts a shelter animal or volunteers to walk shelter dogs or give shelter animals some attention during their stay or becomes a foster for any type of shelter animal is an angel and will be repaid 10 fold from the animal's appreciation for that person.

  7. Your volunteer efforts are inspiring! I volunteer with Good Days from Chronic Disease Fund, and we could use more volunteers like you. http://www.gooddaysfromcdf.org/

  8. Shenandoah: Wow that must be bad if they've waived the adoption fees, yikes. We have a problem here with Staffordshire Bull Terriers since Pit Bulls are illegal here now. Over 90% of the dogs at this shelter were Staffies but I was extremely surprised to find dogs like these without homes.

    Lori: I know I feel so bad for them, they're certainly not asking for much. There were a couple of rotties here too actually and they were ADORABLE, you could just tell they were absolutely sweeties. And I couldn't agree more, the dogs we walked were SO grateful :-)



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